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If you are afraid of flying and the idea of ​​getting into the plane does not work well, then this program is made for you. The experienced pilot will take you through all phases of the flight and will explain you various sounds and unusual feelings. At the end you can try and take off and land with a transport aircraft yourself. Many customers feel much safer when they are on a holiday or business trip!

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Our Fear of Flying program is specially designed to help people who want to fight their airborne phobia.
This idea emerged when Wolfram, our founder, took his wife, who for many years suffered from a fear of flying, see the first simulator Ipilot in Bluewater, in the hope that he would show her how a plane works, it will have when boarding the aircraft better feeling. It worked and now we offer this program to anyone who wants to face his fears and to better understand how to operate aircraft that will see firsthand all safety measures and systems that pilots have to ensure passenger safety.

The Daily Mail’s reporter Sarah Gordon overcame her fear of flying on the iPILOT simulator in Bluewater.

A qualified pilot will accompany you, explain your aircraft management procedures, describe the significance of all the sounds of the aircraft issues during the flight, and explain what is happening in emergency situations and what collision avoidance systems are available for.

You can even control the plane yourself and feel what it is like to drive a plane and land it.

By removing the secrets from the process of managing a transport aircraft, we hope to give you enough confidence to sit comfortably, relax and enjoy the next real flight.

Learn how we helped Sarah Gordon’s Daily Mail’s reporter to overcome  her aerophobia.

Booking of this experience is possible only by phone. Please call 228 882 287.


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