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Photo (A5) + certificate

A5 framed photographs and a framed certificate attesting to your experience. The ideal combination for a memorial.

Price: 419 CZK


30 Minutes Flight Experience

A great introduction to the world of flying. Within 30 minutes you can try takeoff and landing under the leadership of the right pilot at airports around 1-2 your choice.

Price: 2299 CZK


60 Minutes Flight Experience

Perfect experience! Within 60 minutes you will have instructor-led opportunity To takeoff and landing up to four airports - what to try the famous St. Martin in the Caribbean on a sunny noon, night Las Vegas or whatever del likes of up to 24000 airports? Likewise, you can try the whole flight, for example. From Innsbruck to Salzburg. Everything, as you wish.

Price: 3999 CZK


90 Minutes Flight Experience

Try a variety of airports, stand up to bad weather, engine failure or other situations! Within 90 minutes you will have enough time to not only enjoy a choice of several different airports, but also try some challenging situations airline. Experience for the discerning. The program is just for you!

Price: 5499 CZK


2 simulator experience at the same time - 90 minutes

NEW !!! Maximum experience two different machines during one visit! 45 min at 320 passenger jet and 45 minutes for New Generation, both in commercial transportation most used machines, each with a different control. Valid at Mon to Fri.

Price: 5999 CZK


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